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Distribution of congenital syphilis in Brazil from 2008 to 2015 

Sales, J. V, Barbosa, I. P. A, Barbosa, R.N.F. 

Prevalence of dyslipidemias in swiss mice with diabetes mellitus induced by alloxan-monohydrate

Maia Neto, L.S, Alves, R.R.V, Oliveira, E.P, Amorim, F.D, Almeida, M.M.C, Rodrigues, P.M.B.

Functional phytate activities on human health: an integrative review

Barros, D.M, Santos, D.M, Moura, D.F, Gomes, T.P.S, Braz, C.Y, Ribeiro, M.A.

Motivational factors for the physical exercise practice in gym

Barros, D.M, Silva, R.O.J, Moura, D.F, Gomes, T.P.S, Braz, C.Y, Bento, R. A.

Use of biopolymer in hard tissue implants for future

Albuquerque, P. C. V. C, Paz, S. T, Lemos, F.S, Couto, I.M.C, Santana, J.C, Maia, C.S.

The physiotherapy influence on improvement of quality of life institutionalized elderly: a case study

Gomes, T.P.S, Cabral, F.M.M.G, Braz, C.Y, Barros, D.M, Moura, D.M, Cunha, U.C.

Plantago major usage L in therapy supplementary of tegumentary leishamaniasis human and canine: an integrative review

Moura, D. F, Braz, C. Y, Barros, D. M, Gomes, T. P. S, Martins, R. D, Rehn, V. N. C.

Actions mechanisms performed by plant lectins to promote antitumor activity

Brito, J.S, Patriota, L.L.S.Q, Barbosa, B.R, Melo, C.M.L, Coriolano, M.C, Napoleão, T.H.

Frequency of parasitic structures resistance in lettuce (Lactuca sativa) from foods sold in food-trucks and restaurants in the city of Caruaru-PE

Esteves, F. A. M, Santana, E. A, Barbosa, B. S, Siqueira, Y. M, Santana, A. V. M, Silva, B. R. N.

Using didactic models in pathology teaching: an approach of cervical cancer

Silva, G.G, Santos, D. L, Lima, M. I. A, Santiago, M. D. S, Silva, J. I, Peres, A. L.

The importance of biosafety in scientific research

Martins, A.M, Araújo, J.V.B, Silva, T.R.V, Saraiva-Jr, F.A, Lopes, R.A, Araújo-Filho, J.L.S.

Dementia: Normal consequence of aging or alzheimer’s disease?

Melo, D.H.N, Lima, A.S.L, Nóbrega, D.A.A, Silva, F.R.B, Farias, V.J.C, Araújo Filho, J.L.S.

Seroprevalence dengue in college students in Asces Caruaru-PE Municipaly

Souza, A. A, Oliveira, A. V, Albuquerque, A.C.C.

Antifungal activity of the piroctone olamine in vitro against Candida clinical isolates

Couto, F.M.M, Nascimento, S.N, Pereira, S.F, Silva, V.K.A, Leal, A.F.G, Neves, R.P.

Phytochemical and toxicological prospection about Ziziphus joazeiro Mart.: Comparative study between bark and leaves

Lima e Silva, T. C, Freitas, I.T.S, Lima, N. A. S, Veras Filho, J, Peixoto Sobrinho, T. J. S, Amorim, E. L. C.

Experimental model of intra-abdominal candidiasis in Swiss mice

Couto, F.M.M, Nascimento, S.N, Pereira, S.F, Silva, V.K.A, Leal, A.F.G, Neves, R.P.

Digital morphometric analyses of collagen fibers in granulomas on liver from mice infected by Schistosoma mansoni

Nascimento, G.A.F, Silva, A.P.F, Lima, L.R.A, Aires, A.L, Melo-Junior, M.R, Junior, L.B.C.

Systemic phaeohyphomycosis in a young dog in the semiarid region of

Carvalho, F. K. L, Silva, R.B.C, Estrela, Y.C.A, Dantasa, F. M.

The use of cannabidiol as alternative therapy for epilepsy

Sobreira, T.M, Tavares, M.A.B, Rodrigues, P.M.B, Machado, M.C.F.P.

Thermogenic supplements marketed in João Pessoa-PB: Pharmacological and social approach

Braga R.M, Souza, I.L.L, Farias, I.E.V, Nascimento, T.W.A.B, Albuquerque, K.L.G.D, Guedes, D.N.

Acupuncture in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome– A Case Report

Pereiro, T, Loureiro, M.C, Vico, M.

Acupuncture in Phantom Limb Pain – A Case Report

Pereiro, T, Loureiro, M.C, Silvério, R.

Acupuncture in Neuropathic Pain – A Case Report

Pereiro, T, Loureiro, M.C, Silvério, R.

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