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Schistosomiasis Mansoni in Vitória de Santo Antão: Actions of coping program for neglected diseases - Sanar 

Braz, C.Y, Barros, D.M, Santos, V.N, Moura, D. F, Gomes, T. P.S, Oliveira, J.B  

Cytotoxic evaluation of 5-nitrothiophene-thiosemicarbazone derivative against HL-60

Marques, K.M.R, Neto, L.N.A, Lima, S.M.A, Rodrigues, M.D, Silva, T.G, Mendonça, F.J.B

Advantages of liquid based cytology upon conventional cytology: a systematic review

Silva, G.G, Santos, D.L, Lima, M.I.A, Santiago, M.D.S, Silva, J.I, Peres, A.L

Alveolar bone repair of rabbit incisors treated with sugarcane biopolymer: histomorphometric study

Sousa-Filho, G.C, Camara-Neto, R.D, Cruz-Perez, D.E, Mello, L.A, Baratella-Evêncio, L

The influence of Genipa Americana L. on the adipose tissue of mice

Brigas, S, Costa, E, Cabrita, S

Antimicrobial activity of plants used in manufacture of traditional phytotherapics in community centres of Recife metropolitan region

Onofre, N.A, Magalhães, L.P.M, Amaral, J.P.D, Yara, R, Lima, C.S.A, Sena, K.X.F.R

Cytotoxic and mutagenic potential assessment of Croton heliotropiifolius Kunth (Euphorbiaceae)

Silva, J.A.G, Lima, M.I.A, Morais, M.C.S, Rodrigues, J.H, Silva, E.C, Leite, S.P

Aspects morphological and morphometric liver and rats submited spleen the diet protein a swine meat, shrimp and casein

Silva, I.P.L, Ventura, R.F.V, Maia, C.S, Leite, K.M, Ribeiro, L.L, Filho, N.P.T

Caregiver burden of oncological patients assisted by a ward for palliative care

Arruda Filho, J.J, de Souza Neto, I. A, Silva, R.M.A, Ramalho, M.N.A, Souza Costa, B.G, Lima e Silva, T.C

Individual space-time

Cabrita, S, Farinha, R

Liver damage protection with epigallocatechin-3-gallate use (green tea) in wistar rats submitted to westernized diet: comparative study with sibutramine

Ribeiro, L.L, Souza, I.A, Silva, I.P.L, Menezes, T.M, Baratella-Evencio, L, Nascimento, E

Cytotoxic activity of bioactive metabolites produced by Streptomyces parvulus UFPEDA-3408

Silva-Lacerda, G.R, Silva, C.C, Santana, R.C.F, Araújo, J.M, Ximenes, R.M, Lima, G.M.S

Quantitative antimicrobial evaluation of control and irradiated extracts of Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels against isolated clinical strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Vicalvi-Costa, M.C.V, Costa Júnior, C.E.O, Magalhães, L.P.M, Oliveira, C.V.J, Sena, K.X.F.R, Colaço,W

Downregulation of INF-Y and IL-10 in mice submitted to neonatal malnutrition and exposed to infection by S. mansoni 

Oliveira, D.C, Galvão, B.H.A, Cruz, C.S, Aires, A.L, Costa, V.M.A, Castro, C.M.M

Effects of vaginal cones in the treatment of female urinary incontinence: literature review

Pontes, V.M.B, Moura, M.R.A, Machado, P.C.R, Rocha, A.P.S, Santos, F.A.G, Neves, R.P

Epidemiology of infection by Helicobacter pylori and efficiency of therapeutic conventional and herbal

Melo, D.T, Ferreira, U.L, Cordeiro, B.M.P.C

Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of fraction rich in phenolic compounds of leaves and branches of Turnera diffusa var. diffusa

Ramos, B.A, Rocha, T.A, Silva, M.M, Melo, M.C.L.V, Santos, N.P, Correia M.T.S

Evaluation of the effects of intavenous hexanol nitrate administration, na organic nitrate, on autonomic balance in normotensive rats

Freitas, J.A.M, Alves, N.F.B, França-Silva, M.S, Braga, V.A

Detection and association of resistant bacteria on surfaces and blood culture of an intensive care unit

Ferreira, C.J.S, Almeida, K.R, Silva, N.S, Rocha, I.V, Xavier, D.E, Oliveira, S.R

Ground Substance Study in Controlled Pressure Situations

Vasconcelos, D, Costa, E, Cabrita S

Histopathological and histomorphometric analysis of in vivo anti-inflamatory activity of Piptadenia gonoacantha (Fabaceae)

Anjos, I.N, Amaro, M.O, Valente, F.L, Carvalho, G.D, Rosa, M.B, Carvalho, C.A

Histopathological analysis of crypt changes in inflammatory bowel disease

Fernandes da Silva, A.P, Nascimento, G.A.F, Mello, L.A, Souto Maior, M.R.M, Paz, S.T, Melo-Júnior, M.R

Identification of microorganisms isolated of soil of region in Serra Talhada/PE – Brazil aimed at enzymes collagenolitic production

Oliveira, L.F, Costa, I.L.F, Feitosa, J.V.A.M, Albuquerque, G.M.R, Souza-Mota, M.C, Duarte, C.A.L, Marques, D.A.V

Infection by Raoultella ornithinolytica: pathogenesis and clinical aspects. 

Silva, C.J, Araújo, B.L, Leite, I.D.S, Teixeira de Jesus, O.M.S, Fernandes, Y.R, Tenório, P.P

Pyocyanin-induced reduction of pro-inflammatory mediators in peritoneal macrophages

Sales-Neto, J.M, Lima, É.A, Cavalcante-Silva, L.H.A, Vasconcelos, U, Rodrigues-Mascarenhas, S

Modulating effect of phytotherapics on the activity of antibiotics of clinical use

Magalhães, L.P.M, Silva, R.F.B, Onofre, N.A, Yara, R, Andrade Lima, C.S, Sena, K.X.F.R

Neuroanatomy of fear: an update on literature

Ribeiro, F. S, Oliveira, B. S, Santos, I. F, Silva Junior, E. X

New technologies applied to the teaching of pathology

Silva, R. B. C, Lucena, F. K, Estrela, Y. C. A, Rezende, A. C. C

Persistent infection by pseudomonas and multiresistance to antibiotics diagnosed in a kidney transplanted patient: case report

Germinio, J.E.S, Ferreira, M.P.F, Silva, A.J.M, Oliveira, S. R

Magnetic nanoparticles coated with polyaniline to β-galactosidase immobilization and lactulose production

Lima, L. R. A, Araújo, M. I. F, Lima, M. A. M, Silvério, S. I, Júnior, L. B. C, Teixeira, J. A

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