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Poster Session: Therapies in Traditional Chinese Medicine


The municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros – History and characterization of a single territory 

Manuel Duarte Moreno

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Program in a public university: education and research.

Maria João Santos, Nuno Correia, Diana Miranda, Petra Froeschen, A. Mafalda Reis, Manuel Laranjeira, Henry Johannes Greten, Jorge Machado

Treating musculoskeletal pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques – A short review

Cláudia Maria Sousa, Mário Gonçalves, Jorge Machado, Henry Greten

The effect of QiGong on Attention: Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Clinical Case Report

Marta Custódio Correia, Henry Johannes Greten, Jorge Machado, Mário Gonçalves

Efficacy of QiGong on depression: From a systematic literature review to the proposal of a study protocol

Pedro Pereira, Maria J Santos, Manuel Laranjeira, Mário Gonçalves, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Potential effects of medical QiGong in major depressive disorder: study protocol based on clinical cases

Sara Ponte, Maria João Santos, Carla Paiva, Manuel Laranjeira, Mário Gonçalves, Bruno Ramos, Jorge Machado, H.J. Greten

The effect of QiGong in natural killer cells in colo-rectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy - A protocol Study

Sara Costa, Irene Pais, António Araújo, Mário Gonçalves, Maria João Santos, Henry J. Greten, Jorge Machado

Polyphenols and Tocopherols in three elementary olive oils: its anti-oxygen and vitamin properties

Helena Vaz

Sambucus nigra – a promising natural source for human health

Sara Cunha, Diana Meireles, Jorge Machado

Mushrooms – a human health booster, a skin health promoter and even a cancer therapeutic adjuvant

Diana Meireles, Sara Cunha, Jorge Machado

Complementary therapy with Zingiber officinalis – inflammatory effect on muscular pain: a fourteen-day case study trial

Joana Ruivo, Maria João Santos, Paulo Lobão and Jorge Machado

Effectiveness of Piper nigrum essential oil in the treatment of back pain

Costa R., Abreu C., Machado, J

Effect of Acupuncture on delayed onset muscle soreness: series of case studies

Cardoso R, Lumini-Oliveira J, Santos MJ, Bruno Ramos, Machado J, Greten HJ

Does Acupuncture improve strength and nerve conduction in RA patients with hand affection? A protocol study

Diana Miranda, Susana Seca, Bruno Ramos, Manuel Laranjeira, António Cabrita, Henry J. Greten, Jorge Machado

Immediate effects of point S 34 in lumbar spine flexion-extension movements in healthy individuals - Preliminary study

Débora Ferreira, Sara Moreira, Bruno Ramos, Luís Carvalho, Mariana Hinzmann, Jorge Machado, Maria João Santos

Can acupuncture in S34 improve postural stability in healthy subjects?

Tânia Fernandes, Luís Carvalho, Maria João Santos, Bruno Ramos, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Acupuncture for paresthesia/anaesthesia elimination after dental implantation complications: A case report

Ribeiro Daniel and Machado Jorge

Immediate Effect of Acupuncture on Post-Operative Pain After Lumbar Surgery

Fatine Hamza, Ana Anjos, Maria João Santos, Bruno Ramos, Ana M Reis, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado, Manuel Laranjeira

Evaluation of the effect of acupuncture in relieving xerostomia (dry mouth): study protocol

Daniela Ferreira, Maria João Santos, Sara Costa, Armanda Monteiro, Lourdes Vendeira, Diana Miranda, Bruno Ramos, Jorge Machado, Nuno Correia

Effect of acupuncture on hand pain in patients with rheumatoid Arthritis - Clinical research protocol

Marco Fernandes, Susana Seca, Joaquim Gabriel, Rui Correia, Maria João Santos, António Cabrita, Jorge Machado, Henry J. Greten

Acupuncture treatment on gait problems in multiple sclerosis: a preliminary study

Criado MB, Santos MJ, Laranjeira M, Machado J, Greten HJ

Acute Effects of puncture Technique on Temporomandibular Dysfunction: preliminary study

Paula Gomes, Maria João Santos, José Martins dos Santos, Bruno Ramos, Luís Carvalho, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Therapeutic effect of body acupuncture in tobacco cessation: a study protocol

Luís Alves Correia, André Santos-Magalhães, Mariana Hinzmann, Jorge Machado

Prospective study on a new acupuncture strategy in obstructive sleep 

Maria João Santos, Nuno Correia, Márcia Sá, João Carlos Winck, Jorge Machado, Henry Johannes Greten

Lowering anxiety of university students prior to the exams by ear acupuncture – Preliminary study

Andreia Vieira, Karine Silva, Mariana Hinzmann, Jürgen Stürmer, Maria João Santos, Nuno Correia, Henry J. Greten and Jorge Machado

The immediate effects of acupuncture on the kickboxer postural balance: an exploratory randomised trial

Sara Moreira, Leandro Machado, Maria João Santos, Sandra Araújo, Bruno Ramos, António Cabrita, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Can acupoint S34 influence kick performance in kicboxers? A prospective study

Sérgio Ferreira, Leandro Machado, Maria João Santos, Sara Moreira, Bruno Ramos, António Cabrita, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Acupuncture effect on gastric myoelectric activity: experimental protocol

Susana Castro Martins, Maria João Santos, Bruno Ramos, Joaquim Gabriel, Rui Correia, Jorge Machado, Henry Johannes Greten

The acute effect of Tuina on hand grip muscle fatigue and strength – Preliminary study

Beshoy Girgis, Maria João Santos, Bruno Ramos, Manuel Laranjeira, Ana M Reis, Henry Greten, Jorge Machado

Vegetative Functions Induced by Music: A preliminary study

Sofia Sousa, Maria João Santos, Jorge Machado, Henry Greten

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